Vision, inner vision, is the liberation of an energy that is beyond thinking. To see is to embrace totality at every moment. It is an act of perception of what is true. An act of transformation. From attention we gain relation and develop balance with reality. An awakening becomes possible in contact with the world around us.
~ Dan Rothenfeld

About Me:


Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. 

~ Carl Jung  
In 1982 I experienced a astonishing connection between the mind and body using meditation; breathing and sharing my heart beat to support my mother as she lay dying from heart failure.
At her demise she pierced through my heart like a thunderbolt!

That night she appeared in my sleep, holding a rose, glowing with an etherial emerald light in the doorway of my studio. This first truly emotional experience changed my life, inspiring a decade of figurative self-portraiture in glass. Sculpting plate glass with a technique that was simple and direct, awakened by this voluntary effort of sustained physical relation, created a timeless metaphor resonant in transparent clarity.  

From 1992-to the present, an invitation to work as an art director enabled me to shift, attuning my creativity to advertising/marketing, and utilize computers for innovative graphic design and site specific public art commissions. Through these productive years a conceptual dissatisfaction with the synthetic quality of electronic media also began to churn. I missed working with an organic material that possessed a responsive integrity of its own.  

Acrylic paint, like water-color, shares the translucent quality of glass, sensibilities explored through computer design and sculpture now all contribute to the evolution of my painting. Thus taking sight one step further, the element of transparency becomes an actual activity directly experienced within attention. Beyond conjuring, these new perspectives of unpremeditated appearance provide an opportunity to enter into vision without a preconception. More