Initially I was impressed with molten Glass, attracted to the potential of the art form and the immediecy required to handle it. I was questioning how we see, related to mental perceptions, and attributed optical qualities of inherent light refraction to reflective and transparent states of glass. My first investigation worked with image reflection as a mode of conceptual corporeality.

To evoke reflective appearance I applied half tone photographic images using a silkscreened technique explored by glass artist Paul Marioni. The image was prepared using high fire glass enamel, preheated then grafted onto the blown hot glass surface creating perceptive mental associations that animated the vessel form. Container becomes metaphor between perceptive experience and thought.

Transparency utilizes visualization on the surface of sensory recognition. Take away the image projection and the transparent clarity of a clear perception is experienced.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Through the 80s the Aids epidemic created a phenomenon of mortal loss however the sudden death of my mother created a shock that transformed my work. At the time of her departure, she appeared to me in a dream with other “guardians” eclipsing all previous emotional experiences of my life.

I was awakened to feel transience of my physical form inhabiting the perception of clear and pure appearance.

Thus, I began to sculpt the human figure in plate glass leading myself with a simplified technique. Balancing alignment between individual layers of stacked glass resonating with the relationship between visible transparency and ephemeral human form.

The depiction of this spiritual encounter, experienced within the dreamed state created an ongoing fascination about perception and consciousness communicated by awakening through the transparency of sight.