Go Mural ~2011~ Collinwood Recreation Center

I was one of several local artists commissioned by Cleveland Public Art to create a site-specific work for this new recreation resource. My intention was to create an affirming work of art for all ages reflecting the contemporary architecture of the interior space. Different activity functions meet around a central hall corridor where wall placements skew and surface treatments vary. Ceiling angles and glass walls, skylights and floor material emphasize a variety of activities and elements coordinated together to produce a sophisticated sensibility that is visually well organized. I chose a 3’x8’x12’wall surface located between two recessed doorways that sculpturally stands alone. Painting the wall red and yellow creates a divided three-dimensional design. Announcing, “GO” the interval moment of stillness is called, being inspired to let go into our potential unknown. Two life-sized athletes and the GO graphic are printed on adhesive vinyl sub dividing the ‘split second’ set of influences at play. Budget: $5.000