The artist makes a soul, makes it real in the commerce of gifts…the point of the commerce is a spiritual increase and the eventful actualization of the soul”. ~ Lewis Hyde

He devised a personal mode of creating glass sculpture in which roughly shaped horizontal sheets of glass are stacked horizontally to suggest rhythmic forms, usually the human figure.”

Henry H. Hawley, Cleveland Museum of Art

A work of art that enters us to feed the soul offers to initiate in us the process at hand to make sense of our on experience. To understand our lives and once the understanding has been awakened, it is procreative. Its products are brought into the real.

…with penetrating objectivity, Rothenfeld investigates corporality as the intrinsic aim of his work. The element of transparency becomes an actual activity experienced within, creating a state of being, sculpted in translucent glass.

This is the tasteless water of souls…this is the true substance” ~Whitman


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Initially I was impressed with molten Glass, attracted to the potential of the art form and the immediecy required to handle it. I was questioning how we see, related to mental perceptions, and attributed optical qualities of inherent light refraction to reflective and transparent states of glass. My first investigation worked with image reflection as a mode of conceptual corporeality. To evoke reflective appearance I applied half tone photographic images using a silkscreened technique explored by glass artist Paul Marioni. The image was prepared using high fire glass enamel, preheated then grafted onto the blown hot glass surface creating perceptive […]

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