Graphic art “Art” opens up a deeper vision in the viewer. The question is which eye of the viewer is opened; the eye of the senses, the mind, or the spirit?

There is no one kind of art but multiple forms, all emerging from different levels of consciousness, shaped by larger contexts, and reflecting the many visions made visible through diverse perceptions.

The modern Artist turns to the inner eye of the mind and draws inspiration not from the image before them but from the images in their mind…inspired by the unified order of all things, seeking to remind us that we are not strangers in the universe. In order to help us experience our belonging and a sense if interconnectedness of all parts with the whole.  ~Marc Gafni

In 1992 I produced Joseph Konicki’s Suite Cinderella Ballet for Cain Park in Cleveland Heights. Dancing Cinderella was Cleveland Ballet’s Cynthia Graham who recently had married Peter Sampson, principal of Sampson/Carnegie Advertising. To produce the Graphic Art and Marketing for the ballet Cynthia introduced me to Peter Sampson. After the successful performances Peter offered me a full time position as Art Director launching a creative relationship that endures.

Shifting full time employment in 2002 to a contractual agreement, I was able to continue my relationship at Sampson enabling me to also concentrate on painting. The marketing objective there had also shifted to rebranding, helping clients to achieve new identity by a total reassessment of their products and service. To do this also entailed creating a new approach to conceptualization for guiding fresh vision with dead on creative.

Throughout history man has developed elaborate mythologies to humanize the natural world. Material culture has evolved by coupling greater social complexity with the engagement of ideas to conjure a sense of order and wellbeing. The specialization of goods depends directly on graphic identity to be recognized in a competitive marketplace.

Our strategy is based on formula that locates and differentiates a products true nature. An intensive team investigation provokes focus on all relevant attributes. Development is then defined by cultivating the key influences engendering brand recognition and loyalty.

Everything has symbolism because the world and we are alive. Therefore the symbols are universal, vibrating in the frequency of line, color, form, sound, light. Art reveals the structure of elemental nature understood as a vocabulary of consciousness.

The profit is not in the money itself but in the return that comes from its use”. ~Calvin

Sound strategic planning defines brand innovation. Through “qualitative method” conceptual solutions hon in on your DNA,  and communicate your message to establish brand recognition. Core creative delivers with insightful and transformative design.

We don’t do Art we solve problems. To look at the world differently eventually everything connects. Designing the look and the substance the design flows from the learning. Learning by doing is an approach to living and thinking, conceive and execute. Things have meanings, things have personality, thing’s express ideas. Manipulating an idea to humanize it, what ever their meaning is, properly related between mans needs and his resource’s, technique is used in the logical evolutionary procession of man developing products to solve problems… design can make things work better”. ~Charles Eames

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Baseball Heritage Museum

Treasured memorabilia detailing the important contributions from the Latin and Caribbean leagues, the Industrial and Barnstormer leagues and the Negro and Women’s leagues that helped shape the history of the great American pastime. The mission of the museum is to preserve and present the history of diversity in baseball by entertaining, educating, and enlightening the visiting public about the multicultural heritage of baseball and the values it represents. Brought it all together with cohesive identity, ongoing exhibition and site specific installation design.          

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Don’s Lighthouse Grill

Reaching the west side on Rt.2 Don’s Lighthouse Grill overlooks Edgewater Park and the city of Cleveland on Lake Erie. 40.000 daily commuters pass the imposing Don’s Lighthouse restaurant landmark restored in the early 1990’s it made sense to use the lighthouse corner tower as the logo icon. Increasing neighborhood development has attracted competition. To keep Don’s on track our strategy found a fresh approach. Rt.2 splits diverting the traffic but to loyal patrons, the Lighthouse is an island retreat exuding the atmosphere of Coastal Living. The updated logo and marketing ads show off the inviting interior welcoming travelers with […]

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Matrix Proven POS

Aloha – Matrix Proven POS Aloha Automotive developed an independent operation building an excellent POS System. A new product, this POS system needed an identity to set it apart from the competition. Superior function and the key attribute of precision with no margin for error provided instant accountability for restaurant transactions. The iconography of William Tells Apple manifested providing representation development with instant recognition and appeal for the Matrix Proven POS brand. HOME | RETURN BACK TO GRAPHIC ART 

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