With a sense of wonder I present this study of perceptions observed in the somatic dimension. I see this  phenomena as a gateway to transcendence. Relating sight to consciousness and the physical laws of which we are composed I have found myself awakened within a dreaming passive state.

An active calm with relaxed awareness works as a catalyst for growth. Quite observation attunes to subtle movements I do not control. To be unknown, while being unmoved, no longer taken by thought, perception becomes a pathway that brings emblematic meanings to life.

In the rubric of the human form real seeing is the sacred transcription. A synthesis of what holds us together, what reveals and restores us. The formative content sheds light charging archetypical representation with the texture and nuance of first sight.

I use these images as maps of psychic stuff. A surreal juxtaposition of animate and inanimate order providing an embodiment of conceptions that prompt my necessity to paint.

Touched by transmission that is very close to the energy of creation itself.  I am reached to see by something I have never seen before. Moved by the laws that govern our universe and what physical influence that provides, I am called upon realization, looking from the Reticular Formation* of spontaneous sight.

*Reticular Formation is a brainstem region that is involved in filtering incoming sensory signals that come to our conscious attention playing a central roll in states of consciousness like alertness and sleep.

Art is primarily in the mind and not the eye” ~Duchamp

Art offers the possibility of love with strangers… you don’t have to interpret it you have to see it”   ~Walter Hobbs

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Figurative Self Portraits

Rising out of the depths of self-reflection a relationship is brought be seeing something absolutly new. Unveiled through an awareness of time itself, I am awakened in a moment of consciousness as an elemental representation of creation itself. Posessing the infinate, time is the moment belonging to all dimensions thus self appears within an interrelated perception of now

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Innermost Being

24×28 2006-2013 I dreamed myself emerging from a dense forest on an unexpected sunlit path the future opened before me. My father appeared and shook my hand farewell ~ Ten years earlier on the anniversary of his passing. I forgave him of lingering resentment and was filled with light inspiring a painted self portrait. That portrait is now under this one. Form and formless in which spirit penetrates matter and transforms it. The further I progress with my vision of surrender and perception the freer I become to realize forms of vivid space. Figuratively speaking nature is a force gathered together into one […]

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Spirit 26”x36” 2012 After reading the Selected Writings of Sri Anirvan, this vision came to my consciousness in a lucid dream experience. Spirit, is a meditation calling me to be by my 98 yr. old aunts side for her death 12 hrs. later. In the dream, as she “regally” sprinted away, birds (ego and soul) started chirping waking me. Out of the unconscious, consciousness emerges; it is the consciousness of the Ineffable, the Unmanifest. A Upanishadic seer refers to it as samprasada, a lmpid clearness as of pale moonlight. The mother appears in the image of Balika, a little girl; […]

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Dawn 34”x84” 2012 Sleep is like the Yoga-heart of the mother. In the depths of the night, the Earth lies asleep, but meanwhile the Sky stays awake and looks on through the unblinking myriads of stars. That Sky is truly the heart of the Mother. To be asleep there means to be awake to the vast peace of the Sky. ~Sri Anirvan, Inner Yoga       HOME | RETURN BACK TO PAINTINGS

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Tonus…..46×46…….2006  Resonance~ consciousness is an integral part of energy, and the level of consciousness is inextricably linked to the frequency of vibration. Body and breath energies become distilled into a vibrant epiphenomenon unifying subtle currents that are alive. Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. ~Buddha. Dhammapada Just as a chick feeds upon the yoke-its only source of nourishment-the being feeds upon the ego, it is contamination which is ego, and slowly, slowly the ego/contamination is consumed. What is left then is being unobstructed by ego and uncontaminated by habit. […]

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