These digital snapshots represent a readymade art form for time suspension.By capturing the attention an image reflects the internal movement of a watchful observer. Impressions are seen as focal points where the composition of perception can be seen.

“Dazzling and tremulous how quick the sunrise would kill me, if I could now and always send sunrise out of me” ~Whitman

“Liquid light” The fecundity of nature, the feeling of the soul in ascent – only ‘consciousness’ can articulate our apprehension of these things and the experience speaks to us in images. We set out to labor in the service of the metamorphosis or that image or that light.

Optics: Panasonic Lumix 10x.

               Minolta 101

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Key Tower

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“Beyond what we think we know, seeing is a step into the unknown and requires some degree of intention and awakening. Discovered by intuition seeing comes from within our selves, not from some vague “out there” of the outer world. Its force is above all force, for it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing.” ~David Ulrich Photography is a process, looking to feel that I am here. At the moment of seeing there must be an equal action that calls me to stand still. A need to awaken becomes more inwardly alive. Relaxing tensions with impartial non-reaction, to […]

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