Urban Design & Sustainability: When you live in a place long enough, the intrinsic organic reality begins to live itself through you. The Request for Proposals invites creative insight to locate connectivity. By Integrating alignments we can establish harmonies that place fundamental principles back into altered environments. Guided by observation sustainability empowers the balances, designing new solutions located in a healthy community.

Public art is about stories, finding the link we can share through daily routines.

Here are a few examples about the best and worst experiences I have had in the process of accomplishing art for pubic space. By setting forces in motion, learning from each other, it is with gratitude that I approach opportunity in a professional manner to honor the relationship of our experience.

“The inner circle of unconditional sharing, influence for strengthening the bonds of kinship, for the intellectual community, maturation of talent, creation and preservation and dissemination of culture. The circle of the gift concedes the human-good since there is a bond of brotherhood among us. Traditions of gift exchange as an economy stand witness to a social life motivated by feeling and marked by structure, durability and cohesion, generosity and cooperation.

The pragmatic and the esthetic, introducing market value into these labors recognized as human tasks.

We say that a man gives faithfully when he participates disinterestedly in a circulation he does not control but which nonetheless supports his life”.       ~Lewis Hyde


These public art commissions have been manufactured to channel the life force. The work creates a focus in the environment stimulating physical sensitivity experienced by perception. We habitually give our perceptions short shrift overlooking the relationship of feeling to a direct engagement with place.

The art defines a structure for the ephemeral experience to take. Stimulating with present reality through a direct physical contact, gravity play’s a pivotal roll on the attribute of attention. Living transparent influences like breathing are moved by the push and pull of vibrations that sustain us. The art heightens perception by emphesisizing the natural forces in our experience built into the fabric of environmental surroundings.


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Donor Wall

21st Century Donor Wall~ 2000 ~ Cleveland Clinic Foundation In 1998 I was chosen through a competition to design a donor wall honoring 4000 generous Cleveland Clinic employees who donated 3.7 million towards building the Lerner Research Institute, Cole Eye Institute and the Taussing Cancer Center. A preliminary model and video simulation first allowed appreciation demonstrating the concept of a mechanized tri-screen rotating sculpture to accommodate the 4000 name and building placement fit into a 2x 22×10 foot space. Dedicated in 2000, the 21st Century Donor Wall was located in the Clinic lobby. Matching the existing woodwork a mahogany cabinet […]

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Go Mural

Go Mural ~2011~ Collinwood Recreation Center I was one of several local artists commissioned by Cleveland Public Art to create a site-specific work for this new recreation resource. My intention was to create an affirming work of art for all ages reflecting the contemporary architecture of the interior space. Different activity functions meet around a central hall corridor where wall placements skew and surface treatments vary. Ceiling angles and glass walls, skylights and floor material emphasize a variety of activities and elements coordinated together to produce a sophisticated sensibility that is visually well organized. I chose a 3’x8’x12’wall surface located […]

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Current Activator Water Wall

Current Activator Water Wall  ~2003 NEORSD Headquarters, Cleveland “Compare the body to a river, which generates energy and is in constant movement, and to a waterfall, as if our weight pours down like a waterfall through the bones.” ~David Gorman The Cleveland Clinic 21st century Donor Wall dedicated in 2000 was a commission retro fitting into the Clinic Lobby and provided me with another opportunity to design an iconic public art feature that represented the institution it served. The architect Robert Bostwick was planning the new Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Headquarters. I was invited as an artist to design […]

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Century Rock

Century Rock ~1991 “Out beyond wrongdoing and right-doing there is a field. Ill meet you there.” ~Rumi Before the business of public art management was well defined, the artist worked independently to execute and install the work. In 1991 Cleveland Public Art, provided an RFP invitation to create a piece for the campus of University of Akron on the Buchtel Common. I was teamed with Pat Schmidt, an architect, who relegated the creative process to me. The site was a campus common paved in concrete. Brick buildings lined the passageway and a small island of grass existed as a patch of green […]

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