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The Collinwood Observer  November 5, 2009

Cleveland Jewish news/July 9 2004/ Pam Smith O’Hara

Properties magazine, Inc./Feb 2004 Northeast Ohio Sewer District headquarters p.16

BX Magazine May 2004

Cleveland Clinic Donor Wall Dedication November 1999

Cleveland Jewish News/ July 12 1996 Arts.entertainment.dining Nature photographs highlight new museum opening

Akron Update/april 24 1991 Century Rock Monumental undertaking the focus of Founders day

WCPN 90.3 FM “After Nine for the Arts” 6/14/89 Mural Project on E 4th St. interview, Kathleen Cerveny

Glass Art From Urban Glass, Richard Yelle

Glass Today Cleveland Museum of Art, Henry Hawley

Glass Kanazawa 90 International