Singular Vision …28×38…2010

Between rationality and ambiguity

I am a substance  ~Michel Conge

The fact that the human brain is divided into two almost independent halves or “hemispheres,” which are connected only at the base by a narrow band of tissue, has been obvious to students of anatomy for centuries…these differences are not concerned with things the brain does, but with different kinds of attention, the two hemispheres are associated with fundamentally different ways of relating to the world. The left brings a narrowly focused, discriminative attention. The right hemisphere, by contrast, is broad and flexible. It is the left which analyzes, classifies, compares and makes judgments. But crucially for new representation to come alive it must then be returned to the right where it can be woven into the totality of perception.                                 The Master And His Emissary:         ~Iain McGilchrist

Gurdjieff does not speak only of energies capable of rising to new levels of intensity, he also affirms the reality of an absolute level of pure quality. From this source, energies descend to meet and interact with the energies we know. When this intermingling of the pure with the gross takes place, it can change the meaning of our actions and the influence they bare on the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~ Peter Brook