Spirit 26”x36” 2012

After reading the Selected Writings of Sri Anirvan, this vision came to my consciousness in a lucid dream experience. Spirit, is a meditation calling me to be by my 98 yr. old aunts side for her death 12 hrs. later. In the dream, as she “regally” sprinted away, birds (ego and soul) started chirping waking me.

Out of the unconscious, consciousness emerges; it is the consciousness of the Ineffable, the Unmanifest. A Upanishadic seer refers to it as samprasada, a lmpid clearness as of pale moonlight. The mother appears in the image of Balika, a little girl; one’s sleep is full of the pure light of sattva. The moonlight deepens and is filled with ecstasy of emotion; waves arise on the ocean of consciousness. The Mother now appears as Kishori, an adolescent girl; one’s sleep is the sleep of the gopi. The consciousness explodes, and the great sun is seen burning in the sky. The mother is now seen as Savitri, a regal young woman; the sleep is the sleep of Yoga. Thus it is that “what is night for all creatures is day (the time of waking) for the yogin.