The Inhabited Unknown 24×36…2011

I am here, without knowing what I am, without making efforts to know…I see that knowledge cannot be grasped ~Jeanne de Saltzman

Seeing my state makes certain tensions fall. I am less on the surface. My attention is more penetrating and reaches deeper in me. I let go, not in order to relax but because the more I let go the stronger the movement of collecting becomes, the movement of coming together. I let go in order to feel contained and concentrate on the point where my thoughts arrive and disappear… The mind is then capable of true silence seeing something new.

In this state when I feel I have almost nothing and understanding is almost insignificant, if I have the courage to stay there, if I have enough intelligence to observe, suddenly I recognize the truth or the first taste of the truth which I have been seeking for so many years. This first taste of truth, calm abiding, it is you. To fall fully into this immanent relationship and recognize the importance of that essential experience, goes beyond the limits of ordinary human perception and imagination, by essence rather than intellect alone.

“It is necessary first to dissolve all courser consciousnesses, to render them as though incapacitated; only then will the fundamental mind nakedly appear…we “meditate” on the profound mind, the mind itself is identifying the profound nature of mind and sustaining it in meditation in the style of the second type of meditation. When this profound mind identifies itself, just it is manifest. Since, prior to contacting and identifying the entity of this profound mind, one has already ascertained the emptiness of inherent existence of the mind through the practice of breakthrough, watching from what the mind arises, where it abides, and into what it goes, a mind which is understood as qualified by an absence of inherent existence appears…consciousness realizing emptiness…Remaining within this state, beyond the scope of conceptuality, It is a real test.”~Dalai Lama