Resonance~ consciousness is an integral part of energy, and the level of consciousness is inextricably linked to the frequency of vibration. Body and breath energies become distilled into a vibrant epiphenomenon unifying subtle currents that are alive.

Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. ~Buddha. Dhammapada

Just as a chick feeds upon the yoke-its only source of nourishment-the being feeds upon the ego, it is contamination which is ego, and slowly, slowly the ego/contamination is consumed. What is left then is being unobstructed by ego and uncontaminated by habit. ~Red Hawk

Vibrant Epiphenomenon…28×30

To present the present as immediacy- as pure phenomenological consciousness without the contamination of historical or other a-priori meaning, this world could be experienced as pure essence, self sufficient and without memory

…a psychological absorption in relation, by a heightened physical awareness of the body.

2007 Sixth Sense…..30×30 2009

~I decided not to move out of bed but to meditate. Breathing and watching my thoughts as I relaxed the tensions in my body, circulating sensation, feeling utterly still. I adjusted my head tilting it back, my neck snapped into place. Suddenly from the crown of my head, a vibrating energy surged into my body traveling along a network of unknown channels, resonating with a twanging “piping” reverberation. At first I was alarmed then accepting of the manifestations intensifying waves of energy. Entering the top of my head they coursed through me feeling like trains rushing through a station. This lasted for a full 60 seconds finally dispersing out the soles of my feet…an ecstatic unpremeditated experience providing new insight and depth to the meaning of my work and the potential for new understandings. ~Dan Rothenfeld


Le coeur ~ connection between the infinite and the human heart…an embodiment of the sacred order of the cosmos reliably present in an alignment between the centers. The complete field, inextricably linked to a frequency and its sensation.